We know you care about your clients and making a difference in the world. We are here to support you in living your mission of supporting others in living theirs. 

We have combined the best in cutting edge technology with systems and structure to support your professional growth. 



What's Included?

Amplify Your Influence

  • Recognition as the leading expert in your niche.
  • We will position you as the go to person on our team for solutions to their problems in your field.
  • Your services and outcomes are vetted through the IMN so our members trust our Mentors even if they don’t already know them.

Passive Revenue Generation

  • "Done With You" E-Course On The IMN Platform! ($2499 Value)
  • Full training program (with lifetime commission on sales)
    ($1,000's In Potential Value)
  • Build Your Education Brand Through This E-Course! (Priceless)

Monthly Mentors’ Mastermind Call

  • You are so good at sharing your expertise, providing resources and holding space for others. In the IMN Mentors Mastermind you will get the support in return that you give every day.
  • Experienced experts are here to celebrate your wins, big and small, listen to your challenges and share their own real-world solutions with you.

Your 7 Inspired Messengers Modules

24 Hours Of Exclusive Content (AND THIS IS JUST THE START)!

Developing Your Messenger Mindset

4hrs Video Training Content

Your mindset is the most critical first step in achieving success as an Inspired Messenger.

Aligning Your Mission Vision & Values

5hrs Video Training Content

Getting your mission and values to align with your life's work is a powerful second step.

Clarifying and Delivering Your Message

2hr Video Training Content

We will help you to clarify your message so that delivering it will be easy, fun and have impact.

Simplifying the Mechanics

2hrs Video Training Content

There are literally hundreds of possible steps to getting your message out there... let's simplify!

Evolutionary Marketing Practices

3hrs Video Training Content

A whole new collaborative environment has emerged, which we will master together.

Monetizing Your Mission and Message

5hrs Video Training Content

We'll explore the many ways in which you can monetize your work both offline and online.

Self Mastery

3hrs Video Training Content

Underneath all our work, is WHO we are.  In this module we will explore the many paths to self mastery.

Next Step... Becoming A Mentor

Exclusive Training Content

Are you ready to step into a leadership role?  Become an Inspired Mentor to guide others.



The Proven Formula

To Create Unlimited Online Revenue Content

That Connects and Transforms

In this course you receive:
     - PDF Step-By-Step Guide
     - PDF Transcript E-Book
     - 11 Video Lesson Modules
     - Lifetime Access

Do you.. 

... deeply desire to share your inspired message?

You have important information that will benefit others.

Your own life story and experience will transform lives.

You feel inspired to share your message ....

and we’re here for YOU!

What Are We Creating Together?

  • The Inspired Messengers Network is a collaborative community of luminary entrepreneurs working together to make the world a better place.
  • The process of discovering and sharing your message has many phases and each needs different types of support. Even the leaders in the Transformation Industry are constantly learning about themselves and being tested to grow more.
  • From the beginning stages of clarifying your mission and message to developing your business strategy and structure to growing your audience and scaling your business. We have solutions to help you.
  • The Inspired Messenger Network was created to support you in every phase of your evolution as a messenger.

Together we are big enough to reach a massive audience and still intimate enough to know each other personally without feeling left out, lost or alone.


Your Inspired Messengers Network Membership provides you with Evolutionary Business Training so you can utilize leading strategies in alignment with your values and service, two monthly masterminds for peer support and connection, Unlimited Access to IMN Training Library so you can access the info you want whenever you need it, PLUS your own Personal Profile in the Private IMN Community where you can engage with other members, share your wins and offers, get support and exchange resources.

If you:

  • check
    Live your mission through your work and how you show up in every aspect of your life.
  • check
    Have been mastering your craft for years with a proven track record for transforming lives and businesses with your expertise. 
  • check
    Are ready to Up-Level your business to play full out and continue stepping  into an expanding vision and expression of your purpose.
  • check
    Desire "new-paradigm" solutions, systems, and structures to the evolving challenges you face in building a thriving social enterprise and amplify your impact in the world.
  • check
    Seek to surround yourself with others who are aligned with your values and support your mission. 



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