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I am Mark Porteous, Co-Founder of the Network and the “Step Up and Stand Out” mentor for messengers who are inspired to share their unique gifts for transforming the lives of others while creating greater freedom, meaning and joy for themselves.

Our mission here at the Network is to empower heart centered entrepreneurs, transformational messengers and holistic healers with the support they need to share their gifts with those they are here to serve as and  to thrive in their purpose of transforming lives.

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Be the Change

Many of today’s leading visionaries believe the best way to change the world is through our own personal growth.

The process of discovering and sharing your message has many phases and each needs many types of support. Even the leaders in the Transformation Industry are constantly learning about themselves and being tested to grow more.

Whether you are just awakening to your purpose or you have been conscious of your path for years, it is helpful to surround yourself with others who are aligned with your vision and want to support you personally and professionally.

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The Inspired Messengers Network serves messengers (coaches, authors, speakers, healers and soul-driven entrepreneurs), mentors who support them (personally and professionally) and anyone on a path of personal development and healing (especially in relationship to global transformation.)

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