Speak Your Message; 5 Critical Keys to Share Your Story, Transform Lives and Thrive in Your Purpose

Join our experts as they share specific tools and tips to help you share your message as a speaker!

As a Coach, Author, Speaker or Healer

You know you have something beautiful and powerful to share with others…

You know you can improve many people’s lives…

public speaking

Your story and personal experience holds a powerful message that can profoundly benefit others while providing a fantastic lifestyle of joy and abundance for you. One of the most powerful ways you can share your message is through speaking.

But maybe you have never been a fan of public speaking or perhaps you don’t know how to go about getting your message heard….


Knowing how to express your story through spoken word to connect with your ideal audience and those you are here to serve is a skill you can learn quickly and master with the right guidance. There are a few simple steps that are absolutely crucial to make a deep, lasting transformation for your audience while creating your own personal prosperity.

During these workshops you will: 

  • Learn how to dissolve any and all fears of public speaking
  • Discover a 2-step process on how to choose your audience, message and mission
  • Learn the important components of designing your talk and how to structure your message to create lasting transformation for your audience
  • Learn the simple & effective 3-step success sequence to get more prospects, more promo partners, and more publicity using LinkedIn
  • Discover how to book and utilize free speaking gigs to help others and grow your business
  • Find out the secret to leverage your book as a speaker

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