Activate Your True Message

  • Clear the Hidden “Interference” to Clarifying and Sharing Your Message
  • Build the Energy Behind Your Message for Maximum Results and Impact
  • Uncovering the Message Under Your Message
  • How to Communicate Your Message so that Your Ideal Clients Instantly “Get You” and Are Eager to Pay You!

Make the difference and the money you were meant to by Activating Your True Message!

Pkg A: Activate Your True Message Audio Course $197
Pkg B: A + 1:1 Session with Ronda $297

Package A

Make the difference and the money you were meant to by Activating Your True Message!

  • Have a big message to share but not making the impact you’d like?
  • Frustrated with trying to find an effective way to communicate your message?
  • Ready to be richly rewarded for your contribution?

Whether you choose to be a messenger within what you might call your “regular life” or choose to jump onto a stage and share it with the world, Activate Your Message will show you how to clarify, communicate and construct your true message.

"From ‘Activate Your True Message,’  I finally have clarity on my message, and I am building a business that for the first time ever feels as if it is being driven from a soul level, rather than from the experience of others. The practical yet very intuitive methods, the way that Ronda describes challenges, and then provides solutions that make so much sense, practically and energetically really work for me.  I have gained more in this course than I have from all the other 5 courses I have done in the last 6 months. With ‘Activate Your True Message,’ Ronda has helped me transition into becoming a messenger, and I am SO excited to take this forward!"
- Louise Jeffrey, Australia


"I’ve been working in my calling for a while now, and my time with Ronda Wada was so powerful. Whether you’re just getting started on your path, or working in your calling and shining your light for the world to see, I recommend you go through Ronda’s Activate Your Message program. The program revealed a simplicity in my own understanding of my work and gifts – and a new better way of communicating about my gifts to others. I came away with the most succinct way of communicating what I do and how I do it, while also finding a new internal resonance with my purpose and how I will be sharing my gift."
- Ken Stone, The Soul Archeologist


In this innovative 5-part training, you will:

  • Find the words to communicate it so that your tribe instantly “gets you”
  • Create the platform that elevates you to the level you really want
  • Make the difference you were meant to by Activating Your True Message!



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Package B

Includes everything above plus:

1:1 Session with Ronda

For the first time ever, you can also get access to Ronda’s unique style of intuition, coaching and energy alignments totally focused on showing you how you can BE your purpose and take your business to the next level! You cannot purchase a private Session with Ronda anywhere else! ($797 value) Subject to availability. Expires in 90 days.

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About Ronda Renee 


ronda wadaRonda Renee (Wada) has been called a modern day mystic with “x-ray vision for your soul.” An international speaker, facilitator, two time best-­selling author, Life Fulfillment and Spiritual Business Mentor, Ronda has the unique ability for making the mystical practical.

Having learned that all the “things” we think will make us happy never quite seem to, Ronda went on an intense inner exploration that led her to discovering her life’s work of teaching people how to live and work from their soul.

As the creator of Your Divine Navigation System®, Ronda teaches you how to align with your unique energetic soul signature, your Divine Coordinates®, enabling you to fully embrace your Divine Design and live a life of deep meaning, purpose and satisfaction.

Knowing that true success and fulfillment can only be found by living and working in alignment with your soul, through her Business in Your Soul® program, Ronda helps entrepreneurs and service professionals how to identify, design and run businesses from their soul so they can make the difference and the money they were meant to.

Package A

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Activate Your True Message
Audio Course

Special Offer $197

Package B

Total Package Value

Pkg A + 1:1 Session with Ronda Renee

Special Offer $297

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