Money Mastery for Messengers Workshop Series

In this series our experts share specific tools and tips to create personal abundance while transforming lives

Rennie is a multi-millionaire who created worry free financial freedom several years ago and based on his system he now coaches other professionals, coaches, and professionals in any business how to achieve that for themselves and donates 100% of his profits to his favorite charity that rescues dogs and trains them to be service animals for injured soldiers.

Rennie Gabriel

3 Secrets to Wealth On Any Income. Learn  how our attitudes from childhood can block the creation of wealth, and simple exercises on how to eliminate them. Also learn the forms to use to create wealth, and what to look for on them.

Cindia Carrere is a trusted Intuitive for Entrepreneurs who makes it easy for Coaches, Authors and Speakers to open their pathways to abundance. Professional and personal satisfaction, including time and money freedom, all depend on an aligned Energy Grid. With laser precision, Cindia's tech skills with the Human Operating System and her intuitive strategies quickly reveal, remove and heal the invisible blocks standing in the way of her client’s goals.

Raised in a conservative spiritual community, Cindia experienced firsthand how many people believed they could either live a life of service, or a life of abundance, but not both. Driven to prove otherwise, Cindia spent 20 years learning how to dismantle internal blocks. Today she uses that knowledge and her Divine gifts to help you get your money, business and Energy Grid aligned with your soul’s calling.

Cindia Carrere

The Success Secrets of Play: Open Your Pathway to Abundance. In this workshop learn how pH affects your health, wealth and happiness and how play opens your pathway to abundance.

Kathryn Yarborough helps people on a spiritual journey heal their relationship with money and thrive in all areas of life.  She created a 5-step breath practice that heals the split between the Divine and money and shares it with people via online meditations.  Since early 2014, she’s shared this 5-step breath practice with thousands of people.  Before creating online programs, Kathryn had a private practice in Maryland as a manifestation coach, integrative breathworker, and dance/movement therapist.  Now she focuses on helping people around the globe through her online programs.  Kathryn’s purpose is to support people in shifting into Oneness Consciousness and thriving in life and through their work.

Kathryn Yarborough

Open to Abundance and Money in 5 Easy Steps. Learn how Kathryn’s signature 5-step breath practice can help you clear blocks to abundance, relax about money, and thrive.

Women come to Jeanine when they want to have it all.  They want money, freedom, time, health, beauty, and a life of authentic vision.  They are sick of struggling so hard, pushing like a man, and want to create a successful life in a feminine way.

Jeanine is an International EFT Authority and Trainer, helping people worldwide with releasing their emotional pain, so they can experience emotional freedom instead. She has trained and mentored professionals in North America and Europe on how to become proficient in Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Conscious, Intelligent, Successful Women from around the globe meet and tap with her to release subconscious beliefs which are holding them back on a cellular level. Releasing these beliefs gives them the opportunity to enjoy a full, rich and authentic life filled with beauty, grace and love. Others prefer to access Jeanine's powerful work through TeleSeminars, Audio programs and Videos.

Jeanine Crombé

How to make Peace with Money and Receive more of it into YOUR life! Learn how to release toxic money ties and raise your financial self esteem.

What You Will Receive

MP3 and MP4 Downloads of Workshops with 4 Experts who specialize in helping coaches, authors, speakers, healers and social entrepreneurs create personal abundance while transforming lives

Each expert will provide clear action steps you can implement immediately. 

The purpose of this series is to:

  • Connect with socially conscious money experts
  • Understand the relationship between money and messengers
  • Release unconscious blocks sabotaging your success
  • Develop simple strategies to create wealth while sharing your message
  • Learn and implement practical exercises to attract abundance
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Would you like to receive greater abundance while sharing your message and transforming lives?

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Many healers and messengers are very good at caring for others while they struggle to satisfy their own needs. If you can relate and would like to increase your own prosperity and potential to serve others than this workshop series is for you!