It’s YOUR time. Make it count.

Do you want to make a real difference in the world, while also making a real income?

Do you want to build a tribe that is uniquely your own?

Do you want to promote yourself or your business through public speaking?

Are you dedicated and committed to having the business, career, or life that you’ve always dreamed of?

The Speak to Profit Club is designed to get you there.

The Speak To Profit Club is an easy to follow, comprehensive and affordable community-development group program that is built for anyone who knows they need to reach their audience through speaking.

The Speak To Profit Club Signature System works whether you’re looking to build your business in the online space (webinars, livestreams) or in the offline space (events).

Even if you’ve never spoken on a stage before, this system will not only help you get started, but develop mastery, quickly.

Our system will go over everything you’d expect. It will show you how to deliver a talk, how to find gigs and everything traditionally associated with speaking. What our system will show you that’s often missing from other programs is how to build a community of not just followers, but raving fans. Followers are great and we want them too, but the raving fans are the ones who cause your business to catapult.

Just $297 due now to lock up your spot, and

$297 each month for 9 months (the length of the program)

(Program starting June 2017)

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Who is The Speak To Profit Club for?

This success kit is for anyone who’s willing to put in the work and has the passion to do what it takes to get in front of people to make the difference they want to make. If you know you want to impact other people and reach them through your message, this kit is for you.

Specifically, if you’re in business as a:

  • Coach
  • Consultant
  • Spiritual leader
  • Healer
  • Author
  • Service based business owner

And many more…

Angela Hubbs

Before using Afrin and Iman’s system, I was someone who treated my business as a very expensive hobby. Using their systems, I now not only relate to myself as a CEO, but I’ve spoken countless times since I started using their systems and am unrecognizable to myself as a speaker. You should listen to them if you want to grow your business through speaking.

Angela Hubbs Angela Hubbs Fitness

What makes our system different
from everything else on the market?

Many coaches teach speaking, and, more specifically, speaking to sell. And so many of them are so good at what they do. But let’s face it, a lot of those systems don’t work for other people. They are systems which were developed for that particular business owner which don’t necessarily adapt well to other models or audiences.

What makes us different from those business owners is that we’ve been producing events and speaking on stages for over 5 years. We produce many different types of events across many different industries AND we’re the only event producers we know who also lead their own events, and have huge conversions no matter the size of the event.

We’ve taken all that information, all that data and experience from over 300 events over the last 5 years, at least 50 of which we’ve led, and created this system for you. The Speak to Profit Club contains literally everything you need to know and study to be successful speaking as well as the structures and support you need to implement everything.

A lot of entrepreneurs enroll in coaching programs but never implement what they learn. We have designed the Speak To Profit Club to eliminate this problem – we will keep you accountable so that you not only get the content and the community but also that you actually put it into action.

The leadership team at Red Elephant has been designing and leading self-development coaching programs for over a combined 30 years – we know what works and how to make it stick so you get results, not just content.

Gary Montalvo

If you’re ready to make a lot of money through speaking and live events, you need to use Afrin and Iman Khan’s systems. I went from making $50K a year to multiple six-figures within a year of using their system.

Gary Montalvo Latitude Coaching

Just $297 due now to lock up your spot, and

$297 each month for 9 months (the length of the program)

(Program starting June 2017)

Enroll Now

What is The Speak To Profit Club?

The Speak To Profit Club is our foundational speaker training and business building program for coaches, authors, speakers, service-based entrepreneurs, and those that aspire to be one of the above.

The program strategically combines online and offline training, coaching, and support systems to give you the mindset and tools you need to be seen consistently and most importantly, effectively.

We know you not only need to be seen online and offline but you also need to make the most of these opportunities by creating raving fans and turning those fans into paying clients.

What is included in The Speak To Profit Club?

When you sign up, you get instant access to our curriculum, which includes:

  • Three 45-minute calls per month that focus on:
  • How to attract new clients
  • Tips for how to close leads 1 on 1, and 1 to many
  • How to build a loyal community of raving fans
  • How to develop your own signature talk
  • And much more!
  • Six 15-minute Private Coaching Calls with the Red Elephant Coaching Team
  • Two 3-hour Virtual Masterminds where we will implement together
  • One 3-day in-person training led by Afrin & Iman Khan (CEO/Founder and President of Red Elephant)
  • Daily access to Afrin, Iman, and The Red Elephant Coaching Team to ask all your questions, get support, and meet other potential partners and clients inside our Private Speak To Profit Club Facebook Forum!
  • Guest Expert Mentors from important industries that will provide unique and helpful trainings on product development, marketing, money management, mindset, image, public relations, crafting your stories, sales, and much more!
  • As a bonus, because we know you need to get started immediately, you’ll also receive INSTANT ACCESS to our Speak To Profit Success Kit. The Kit is a collection of all our digital tools, including a 5-course video series that will help you start finding and closing clients from the stage right away. More info (and more bonuses!) below!

The Curriculum

  • How to Network (Like an Elephant) and close business
  • Develop Your Signature Talk
  • Create a 12-Month Speaking Plan
  • Host Your Own Event On A Shoestring Budget
  • How To Fill Your Room
  • Monetize Your Sponsorships
  • Convert Attendees Into Raving Fans, Fans Into Clients
  • How to Convert High Ticket Offers From The Stage
  • Save Time. Best Practices For Venue and Vendor Negotiation
  • Event Profit: Sample Event Budget and Revenue Strategies
  • Achieve Lifelong Clients Through VIP Events and Retreats
Lorena Morales

I had been in many programs and worked with many coaches before working with Red Elephant. I never made any real money and was always overwhelmed by those programs. The first time I ever started to make real money was after I began using Iman and Afrin’s system.

Lorena Morales Hola Lorena

Is it right for me?

We are so confident that this system is right for anyone. We’ve seen too many people who do the work of this system make hundreds of thousands of dollars from the system for it not too. It will work if you have any of the following challenges:

1) You are burning out, working more than you should, but not making the money you need or want.

2) You want to impact people. You know your people are out there, you know you can help them, but aren’t finding them, or worse, you’ve found them but can’t reach them.

3) You understand that you can communicate from behind your laptop, but to connect, REALLY CONNECT, you need to be live.

4) You’re tired of waiting and know it’s your time.

5) You want to make more money and are ready to do it.

Get started right away with your bonus,
The Speak To Profit Success Kit

Business Assessment with a Red Elephant Coach:


You’ll begin your journey through this self-study with some help. One of our trained coaches will get on a 30-minute call with you and help you to assess exactly where you are in your business and how to best use the kit inside of a plan they will create with you.

5 Videos to Begin Watching Immediately:


This 5-part video training will cover everything you need to know in order to create a signature talk that is entirely yours and celebrates your offerings and gives you access to being paid for it – as quickly as you can develop the talk.

In this video training you will:

  • Find out where to book speaking gigs
  • Create a talk that converts prospects into raving fans
  • Clarify your free offers and high-ticket offers
  • Create an offer script that converts fans into clients
  • Learn how to leverage 5 and 6-figure paydays
  • Learn how to develop a 12-month speaker plan

Our Speaker Worksheets, Templates, Scripts and Checklists:


We are going to give you unfiltered access to all of our Speaker Resources. Any checklists, templates, worksheets or scripts we’ve developed over the course of our speaking journey are all yours. We’ll also throw in our infographics for you to model into collateral for your own speaking journey to create maximum impact.

Our Speaker Worksheets, Templates, Scripts and Checklists:

The keys to the kingdom – we’re going to give you videos of our offers, from our very first one which closed $125K to the last one which generated just below 7-figures.

MORE Bonuses

We’re including 3 huge bonuses to help you catapult your results:

Bonus #1: 2 Tickets to Speak to Impact Live

We’re giving you complimentary access to Speak to Impact – our signature 3-day event where we will model every piece of the system for you.

In addition to learning everything first-hand, directly from us, you’ll be building relationships with hundreds of other speakers, many of whom have used and profited heavily from our system.

Our event is unlike any others in our industry and is considered one of the most business-altering and life-transforming events of its kind. Just imagine what happens when hundreds of entrepreneurs who are all committed to making an impact in the world, get together, work on how to get their message heard by the masses, network and relationship build. It’s revolutionary.

Day 1: We deal with what kind of impact you want to have; for your family, communities, clients and in the world. You walk away from Day 1 clear about this.

Day 2: We deal with how to take the work we did on the first day and turn it into an actual executable speaking plan.

Day 3: We figure out how to turn that into money. It takes money to make an impact worth making and the third day we get into how.

Bonus #2: Our Tele-summit Guide

Every entrepreneur building a speaking business needs an online presence and needs qualified leads to turn into fans and clients. Once you’ve gone through the kit you’re going to need help building and engaging clients online who you will eventually turn into high-paying clients.

Bonus #3: 30-Minute Speaker Assessment

After you’ve navigated through the kit and taken all the steps, you’re going to need someone to review your materials, your talk and get you on your way. One of our Staff will be standing by to help you do just that.

Bonus #4: Red Elephant’s Signature Book

Most People Would Rather Be Comfortable Than Rich

This book, gifted to you in a PDF Version, was written to inspire those individuals who have an authentic desire to go after what’s important to them, and who will also do whatever it takes to achieve those goals, in the face of anything, even when it’s uncomfortable.

It’s meant to take the mystery out of how successful people not only achieve their success but also sustain it and dispel the myths out there about success coming easy – for a very select few it does, and for most it never well.

Just $297 due now to lock up your spot, and

$297 each month for 9 months (the length of the program)

(Program starting June 2017)

Enroll Now

We invite you to take a second and just imagine. Imagine yourself, in the world, making the impact you want to make and doing it from the stage. If you’ve made it this far on the page, you know it’s your time to be heard by the masses and we invite you to take this first step in doing so.

The value of everything in this toolkit is worth tens of thousands of dollars. But we created this system to give you access to reaching your audience immediately so we’re not asking you to pay what the actual value is.

The cost to you is $2,970. That’s right. $2,970.


And the best part is, you only pay $297 to hold your spot, and then $297 per month for 9 months (starting in June 2017).

You can also save BIG and make a one-time payment of $2,497 (a savings of almost $500!).

**Full-pay option due before start of program**

Peter Lombard

Using Red Elephant’s systems, I went from not being able to speak in front of a room (I even was uncomfortable with 1-on-1 sales calls) to being able to comfortably get on any stage. The systems not only changed my business, but the spillover into my life has been immeasurable.

Peter Lombard Insouciance Abroad

Just $297 due now to lock up your spot, and

$297 each month for 9 months (the length of the program)

(Program starting June 2017)

Enroll Now

About Red Elephant & Iman Khan

Iman headshotWith over 20 years of experience between them as mindset and transformational coaches, Afrin and Iman have been on a mission to impact the world in a positive way since they were in their 20s and have led transformational programs to over 20,000 people to do just that.

In 2012, they got stopped dead in their tracks after being displaced for three months because of Hurricane Sandy. When things got uncomfortable, they walked their talk and did what it took in the face of challenging circumstances and turned their start-up business to a multi-six figure company in less than a years. The Khans have spoken on over 100 stages in the last 5 years, empowering hundreds of entrepreneurs to go beyond their comfort zone to achieve massive success along the way.

And by the way yes, Afrin and Iman are married. They’ve known each other since they were babies, were best friends their whole life, and have a 7-year old son, Jibraan.

Afrin & Iman, along with Vice President of Red Elephant, Gary Montalvo, lead speaker and business development coaching programs designed at having entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, and authors achieve their goals no matter what obstacles get in their way. The Red Elephant Team is dedicated to creating an IMPACT in the world by supporting those who are out to make a difference


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