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Angela Hubbs

Health / The ABCs of Inspired Health

Angela is recognized as the most inspiring fitness personality in New York City. Her bubbly personality and positivity have delighted clients and students all over the world. Angela hosts a weekly podcast and video show, teaches fitness classes of different styles from yoga to bootcamps, and she teaches other fitness professionals to not just  the art of teaching safe effective workouts, but the secrets to empowering others and creating a true inspiring experience.


Rebecca Walker

Health / 3 Secrets to More Energy, More Weight Loss & Less Effort

In today's show we will cover how:

Weight is a symptom, not the root problem

Using food can help with increased energy and productivity. It can also help decrease blood pressure, cholesterol, help with sleep, digestion, inflammation and of course weight loss in troublesome areas like the tummy

Weight in the tummy area is commonly inflammation.


Barb Wade

Personal Development / Love-Based Living: Key Tools To Release Fear, Doubt, and Self-Sabotage in Work and Life

During the show you will learn:
- The 2 opposing core motivations you must recognize that are underneath our every action or decision.
- The thing we’re truly most afraid of… (the knowing of which gives us 100% capability to abolish this paralyzing “core fear.”)
- How to instantly switch to trust, love, and creativity in situations that usually challenge or trigger you.


Gina Pero

Personal Development / Standing in Your Presence to Lead Your Passion into Purpose

During the show we'll discuss:
* Personal alignment and how it affects all parts of your life
* The importance of art, performance and entertainment
* Creative ways to connect with your passion and express yourself more fully


Christy Whitman

Personal Development / What Having It All Looks Like and Feels Like for You

Join Host Mark Porteous with this week's special Guest Christy Whitman as they discuss what having it all looks and feels like for you – right now in this moment – in each important area of your life.


Myste Lynn

Personal Development / Dancing with Your Dark

On today's show we will be discussing:

- How to use your body/intuition to make choices you know serve your highest good

- The benefits of “Dancing with Your Dark”

- The importance of embracing your fears (even death) and why we shouldn't run from them

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