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Ronda Renee

Business / The Only Business Model that will ever Work for an Inspired Messenger

During this call you will:
- Understand why a "business-as-usual" business model will never work for your business
- Learn the foundational elements and order you must design into your business if you ever hope to make money with your message
- Learn where and how profit fits into your inspired messenger business


Andrea Isaacs

Business / Master Your Emotional Intelligence

Discover how to "Master Your Emotional Intelligence for Thriving Relationships in Leadership, Friendship, Family and Love"Andrea Isaacs, emotional intelligence expert, works with conscious business leaders whose companies are growing or changing and are overwhelmed with an abundance of ideas, burdened because they’re unable to ask for what they need and can’t find the time for their personal relationships, to have emotional mastery so they can focus, honor their needs and open their hearts so they can turn their chaos into ease and joy and their business can soar to new heights.


Jennifer Diepstraten

Business / 5 Keys to Quadruple Your Income Through One-on-One Sales Conversations

- How to double or triple your fees for service AND the transformation you offer your clients
- The #1 key to making a compelling offer so your your potential clients will be eager to say YES!
- The best way to create a strong relationship with your prospects
- Why having the confidence to raise your fees is more than a mindset issue and how to easily fix it


Marian Head

Business / Revolutionary Agreements Enriching Relationships From the Boardroom to the Bedroom

Revolutionary Agreements reveals principles tens of thousands have used to create greater inner peace and fulfillment at home and at work. Using real-life stories to illustrate the power of these simple agreements, Marian Head guides individuals and teams to reduce unnecessary drama, transform stressful relationships into joyful ones and gain greater emotional freedom.


Sue Guiher

Business / Bridging Your Personal Values with Professional Profits

During this interview we will discuss how:

- Your values impact your uniqueness and help you be in control of your professional life
- Connecting and acting in alignment with your purpose creates momentum
- Mini-successes create more success


Angela Artemis

Business / Overcome the 3 Hidden Barriers That Block You From Monetizing Your Message

During today's show we will discuss how:

1. Sales and money blocks usually arise in childhood.
2. We must get to the core of the block and permanently eliminate it.
3. Self-sabotage is a symptom of a pattern operating within us.
4. Fear and anxiety are triggered within the nervous system.
5. The Stress Response, also know as "Fight or Flight" is reflex we have no control over.


TR Garland

Business / Get More Clients, Partners and Speaking Gigs

At a time when your average Speaker is having difficulty getting just one additional speaking gig per month, our special guest and expert TR Garland's clients & colleagues have spoken from 24,337 stages (and counting).

Based on TR's experience as a behind-the-scenes advisor to many 7 and 8-figure brands such as Brian Tracy, Loral Langemeier, Michael E. Gerber, and many others…He has found the SECRET to getting more speaking gigs.


Ric Thompson

Business / Levarage Your Time So You Can Make A Greater Impact

Ric Thompson is an Internet visionary, and unrepentant parallel entrepreneur whose career has secured his spot as one of today’s top “behind the scenes” industry giants.

As co-founder of the Healthy Wealthy n Wise publishing empire with over 160,000 subscribers, as well as his newest company Done For You Solutions where he helps Small Business owners get more done through virtual teams, he continues to set the standard for online business done right.

Learn the #1 way to leverage your time so you can make a bigger impact and greater income.


Sheila Paxton

Business / Multiply Your Impact And Your Message - Certify Others To Deliver Your Training Programs

Think about the number of people you would reach if you were simply able to multiply yourself…

Sheila Paxton, has developed a simple yet powerful way for you to do just that! It’s by certifying others to deliver your signature program, and licensing your content to generate passive income.


Dr. TC North

Business / How to Build Your Courage and Confidence & Master Fear

Dr. TC North is the co-author of the Amazon best selling book, "Fearless Leaders," and executive coach and leadership speaker for entrepreneurs sales professionals and corporate executives.


Dr. Carin La Count

Business / Awareness and Success

Dr. Carin specializes in helping deepen your self-awareness to create a greater consciousness from which to make decisions in your life that will more effectively drive your success!

In life, as in business, we are making decisions from a place of being, and if this place is one of being judgmental, or afraid or filled with guilt, the results from those decisions will drive your life away from easy, peaceful success, and toward a life of frustration and chaos.


Dr. Eve Agee

Business / Transform Your Life, Mission and Message by becoming a Successful Coach

During this insightful interview, you will:

- Find out how to overcome the 3 main obstacles to becoming a prosperous, successful coach and helping others!
- Discover the 2 keys to building an abundant, sustainable business helping others and our world
- Learn how to share your message as a coach and have a bigger impact!


Michelle Casto

Business / 6 Stages to Discover and Rock Your Destiny!

Discover where you are on your soul's path and learn exactly what it takes to become fully aligned with your mission and make the difference you were born to make.

During this episode we will discuss:
- The 6 stages and the 3 elements that will allow you to ROCK IT OUT
- How to avoid the Deadly D's of Destiny
- Healing your inner Saboteur, and
- Destiny Mapping mentoring.


Nancy Juetten

Business / How to Build Credible Influence, Impact and Income with Heart and Smarts -- Without Being a Shark

In this show you will learn:
You can build credible influence and have it pay off again and again in measurable and priceless ways.

You don't have to be a shark. You can be a friendly dolphin and feel great with every relationship you create.

How you do anything is how you do everything.  Remember that with every move you make because that is what people -- no matte their influence -- remember.


Sean Stewart

Business / The 3 Costly Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make in Their Sales Calls that Keep Them Underpaid and Overworked

In this interview you will learn:
1.  Beliefs effect sales
2.  Sales can be fun and inspiring
3.  If the prospects wants what you offer thats not sales it's serving
4. We can all step into the authority in our lives/calls
5. Making great money is a service to the world


Louise Crooks

Business / 5 IMPACTFUL Visibility Strategies to Build Your List and a Pipeline of Future Clients and Sales

Ready to slay the Visibility Dragon? OR befriend it? Without visibility your business just won't succeed - it's as simple as that. But with an unfocused, 'throw spaghetti at the wall' and doing the 'what everyone else is doing' approach, the results can be just as poor with a bit of burn out- thrown in. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY, I PROMISE.
We'll identify 5 impactful visibility strategies that work for YOUR business, and YOUR ideal audience, so you're not wasting time and spinning your wheels.

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